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Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies (CIUS), University of Alberta
Organizes research and scholarship in Ukrainian and Ukrainian-Canadian studies, contributes to the cultural and educational development of community groups in Canada by providing specialists and resources for their activities, and fosters international links with Ukraine.

Slavic and East European Folklore Association, University of Alberta
SEEFA is a non-profit organization devoted to an exchange of knowledge among scholars interested in Slavic and East European folklore.

Ukrainian Folklore Sound Recordings Project / Ukrainian Traditional Folklore Centre – presents the folklore and ethnography of Ukraine.

Ukrainian Centre for Multimedia, Interactive Learning and Digital Publishing, University of Alberta 
A project being developed by the staff of the Ukrainian Language and Literature Program at the University of Alberta’s Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies (MLCS).

Ukrainian Knowledge Internet Portal (UKiP) Consortium Association
Coordinates an inter-provincial network of institutions that develops and provides bilingual (Ukrainian-English) online learning and cultural resources to Canadian schools and post-secondary institutions, as well as to an extended worldwide audience.

Ukrainian Language Education Centre (ULEC), CIUS, University of Alberta
Publishes a wide variety of Ukrainian language educational resource material for primary and secondary school teachers and students, and co-sponsors inservices to serve the professional development needs of Ukrainian-language teachers. Houses a large collection of resource materials (including a film, video and audio library) for the use of teachers.

Ukrainian Resource and Development Centre (URDC), Grant MacEwan College
Fosters innovation, leadership and education, especially in the arts, business, health and international contact with Ukraine. Among its initiatives are the Centre for the Advancement of Deaf Education (CADE), English Language Summer Study Program, MacEwan College’s Kyiv Office, Study Placements at MacEwan, Student Recruitment in Ukraine, etc.

Bilingual Ukrainian Catholic Parents Society

Alberta Education – International Languages Programs

All Schools in Alberta

Ukrainian Bilingual Education
Written in Ukrainian and aimed at grades 3-4 of the Ukrainian Bilingual Program.
The site has many videos made in Ukraine of children describing their houses and describing and playing games.
Also material collected by Edmonton students during their visit to Ukraine in 2009.

Ukrainian Education in Canada
Contains useful links, compiled by the UCC National

Manitoba Education: International & Heritage Languages – Ukrainian 
Contains resources created in partnership with the Alberta Education-International Languages, Ukrainian Language Education Centre, and Ukrainian Knowledge Information Portal.

University of Winnipeg 2010 Lviv (Ukraine) Summer History Course
Live in the charming and historic East European city of Lviv, Ukraine and learn about its history.

Petro Jacyk Program for the Study of Ukraine – University of Toronto
The Petro Jacyk Program is housed within the Centre for Russian and East European Studies at the University of Toronto, one of North America’s leading institutions for research on the countries of Central and Eastern Europe as well as the New Independent States.

Osvita: Ukrainian Bilingual Education
A publication of the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies in Toronto, Ontario.

Ukrainian Education Virtual Resources Portal – Saskatchewan
provides a complete listing of the Saskatchewan provincial programs, curricula, resources and supporting organizations.

Ukrainian Language Online Resource “Nova Mova”
Information resource for students, teachers, scholars, journalists, etc.

Ukrainian as a Second Language 
Free online course for beginners – Kyiv Mohyla University, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Education in Canada
Study Abroad Resource, Ukraine

Study in Canada
Government of Canada website

English as a Second Language Classes
ESL program of the Canadian Ukrainian Immigrant Aid Society, Toronto

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