DateTitle (click to download)
November 3, 2011Honouring Alberta’s first Premier of Ukrainian descent...
July 28, 2011Ukrainian Day 2011 ''Kanada-Ukraina 120: Groundbreakers-Nation-Builders-Trailblazers''
May 19, 2011120th Anniversary of Ukrainian Settlement in Canada. Commemorative Logo Unveiling
Jan. 5, 2011Ukrainian Albertans Celebrate Christmas
Apr. 12, 2010UCC-APC Letter of Support to the Polish Canadian Congress in Alberta
Feb. 11, 2010UCC-APC Letter to the Editor of Edmonton Journal
Jan. 5, 2010Bethlehem Flame Arrives in Edmonton, AB
Jan. 5, 2010Ukrainians in Alberta Begin Christmas Celebrations
Sept. 17, 2009"Haydamaky" Ukrainian Band Concert in Edmonton, AB
Aug. 24, 2009Greetings from Ukraine's Ambassador to Canada on the occasion of Ukraine's Independance Day
Aug. 24, 2009Prime Minister of Canada statement on the 18th anniversary of Ukrainian Independance
Jan. 14, 2008Greetings from the Prime Minister of Canada on the occasion of Ukrainian New Year celebration
Nov 8, 2007Commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of the Holodomor-Genocide in Ukraine 1932-33
Sept. 26, 2007UCC is commencing its new Election Observer Mission in Ukraine (Ukr)
Jul. 20, 2007UCC Pleased with Canada's Renewed Commitment to Ukraine
Jul. 18, 2007Minister MacKay Visits Canadian Parliamentary Centre in Kyiv
Jun. 19, 2007Holodomor-Genocide Bill
Jun. 15, 2007Ukrainian Canadians reject Community Historical Recognition Program
Jun. 13, 2006Meeting with the Canadian Ambassador to Ukraine
Jan. 30, 2006Election 2006 Poster
Jan.1, 2006YIP Conference Report (Eng)
Jun. 1, 2005Youth Interface Project Announcement
Nov 24, 2004Letter to Prime Minister re: Ukraine Elections
Aug 11, 2004Memorandum of Understanding (Eng)
Aug 11, 2004Memorandum of Understanding (Ukr)