The Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Alberta Provincial Council (UCC-APC) was organized in 1974 as a non-profit society. Today it officially represents over 330,000 Albertans of Ukrainian descent before the people and the Government of Alberta.

As an umbrella organization, the UCC-APC:

  • Identifies and addresses the needs of the Ukrainian community and coordinates its activities
  • Fosters unity and cooperation among member and non-member organizations
  • Preserves Ukrainian heritage, history, culture and language through bilingual education, research, cultural exchanges, arts, dance, and other activities
  • Encourages participation of youth and newcomers from Ukraine in the political, economic, social and cultural life of Alberta and Canada
  • Promotes linkages between Alberta and Ukraine


  • Maintains a daily on-line Alberta Ukrainian Community Events Calendar and an informative website
  • Prepares a bi-weekly e-Bulletin and a quarterly Newsletter
  • Co-organizes the annual Ukrainian Day festival at the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village
  • Honours individuals who have previously been elected officials with the Michael Luchkovich Award for their significant contributions and dedication to the betterment of all Canadians
  • Recognizes outstanding Alberta’s volunteers with its annual Hetman Awards

UCC-APC Member Organizations


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