About Us
We are a non-profit organization with a mission to provide our viewers with local Ukrainian content such as community events, success stories and artistic performances.

Our episodes can be seen on OMNI TV each Sunday at 9:30 am, with repeats on Monday at 8:00 am.

Alberta Kontakt TV is shown on the following channels:
Shaw Cable – Ch. 11,  Shaw HD – Ch. 214
Telus Optik – Ch. 119
Selected episodes of Alberta Kontakt TV are also available on our YouTube Channel:
“Alberta Kontakt TV”

We believe it is important for us to reflect the life of Ukrainian community organizations as well as to showcase many talented Ukrainian individuals in our community. We created a platform that allows Ukrainian people to view events that occur in our Ukrainian community in Alberta. The content we provide can be used for many different purposes, such as archives, teaching tools, as well as entertainment.

Key individuals involved in Alberta KONTAKT TV (Dec. 2017):
Jurij Klufas – Executive Producer
Uliana Hlynchak – Producer
Vasyl Yavorskyy – co-host and Script Writer
Marko Boychuk – Camera and Video Editing
Serhiy Adamyk – Business Manager
Vlodko Boychuk – Executive Manager
Marta Czurylowicz – co-host
Marko Stech – Eye on Culture
Ron Cahute – Stay Ukrainian My Friends
Andriy Rawlik – Production  Manager
Victoria Mashoshyna – Editor