Student Employment Opportunities

Every year, UCC-APC hires several summer students to facilitate our numerous events and initiatives. Job postings are most often distributed via our e-Bulletin publication!

For the 2016-2017 School year, ending July 31, 2015 - Student opportunities for a $1000 bursary in exchange for 65-70 hours of volunteer work!

Please register with SCIP, http://joinscip.ca/, and apply for the UCC-APC positions:

1. Community Outreach Intern

As our Community Outreach Intern you will:
- Reach out to Ukrainian communities throughout Alberta and learn what their needs are, as well as help promote their activities and events.
- Gather information regarding the Ukrainian Communities throughout the province, and connect them with the Ukrainian Canadian Congress - Alberta Provincial Council.
- Assist Ukrainian Communities with organizational administration.

2. Events Coordinator

UCC-APC has major events each year that require many volunteer hours to prepare. This intern will assist in facilitating major events, coordinating volunteers, choosing venues, creating programs, program booklets, ticket sales, book performers,and budgeting.

3. Communications Officer

You will be producing a bi-weekly e-bulletin regarding events that are occurring within the community; updating the web-site of the UCC APC regarding all aspects of info update for each page, as well as posting relevant news; and re-designing some of the pages of the Web-site.

Any inquiries: uccab@shaw.ca or phone (780) 414-1624 - Slavka Shulakewych, Provincial Coordinator

To post a job announcement, email uccab@shaw.ca or call 780.414.1624 and we would be happy to assist you.

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