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Canmore, November 11-13, 2005

The UCC-APC Youth Conference was held on November 11-13, 2005 at the Chateau Canmore, Canmore. President of UCC-APC, Dave Broda welcomed participants at the Opening reception. A presentation was shown about UCC-APC activities. The program content was filled with many interesting sessions and exhibits.


  • GETTING TOGETHER. Andriy Nurek (Calgary), Bohdan Szewchuk (Edmonton)- Ukrainian Youth Association of Canada, Amanda Shuya - Ukrainian Orthodox Youth, St. John's Institute, Patty Faulder - Ukrainian Catholic Youth Edmonton Eparchy and Andrij Nykyforuk - Ukrainian Students' Society made presentations about their organizations' activities. Participants expressed interest and stressed importance of cooperation to be more effective in reaching mutual goals.

  • "A DAY IN HOLLYWOOD... A NIGHT IN UKRAINE" On Friday evening participants enjoyed a rare opportunity to view three interesting short films by Ukrainian Albertans. Following the films, there was a short question and answer period with the producers,

    • "A Requiem for January" written by Sasha Simcisin, filmed by Gord Yaremchuk and directed by Ivan Zubritsky. This award winning film focuses on one man's reflection of "the old country," and was filmed right here in Alberta at the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village.

    • "Holod" was written by Joanna Krupicz on the subject of Ukraine's man-made famine of 1932-1933 that was both produced and shot in Alberta.

    • "Remembering Community - Local Culture and Diversity on the Prairies"- a documentary on community life and identity on the Prairies to 1939 produced by Dr. Andriy Nahachewsky, Nadya Foty, and Mariya Lesiv through the Ukrainian Folklore Centre.

  • POLITICAL PARTICIPATION - HOW TO GET INVOLVED. This was an inspirational presentation by the Education Minister, Gene Zwozdesky with a neat 'rap' introduction. The demographics on voting were interesting. Only 22% of eligible voters in the age category of 18 to 20 years, actually vote. In the age category of people over 58 years of age, 80% of the eligible voters vote. It was interesting to hear that so many people in youth age category that are eligible to vote, do not - but yet a large majority of the voting population of people over 58 make it a priority to vote.

  • YOUTH - OUR FUTURE. Paul Grod, UCC Vice-President highlighted the importance of volunteering within the Ukrainian community and ways you can get involved. He spoke of his experiences. The focus of this presentation was that we should not consider ourselves the leaders of the future, but the leaders of TODAY. His presentation ended with an interesting group discussion regarding whether Ukrainian Youth Organizations should all be organized under one umbrella organization or if they should be organized separately as they currently are. The debate centered around the concern that there is a lack of cohesion between Ukrainian Youth.

  • UKRAINE'S 2004 PRESIDENTIAL & 2006 PARLIAMENTARY ELECTIONS - Presentations were given by two different observers from Ukraine's Orange Revolution. Andrij Nykyforuk was sent on behalf of UCC-APC and Rhonda Zuk was sent on behalf of CANADEM. Their experiences varied in regards to their extent of election training and their encounters with fraud/ suspicious occurrences. A poll was taken and the majority of conference attendants said that they would be interested in being observers for the upcoming 2006 elections in Ukraine. Paul Grod, UCC, Head of Mission for the 2004 Election Observers in Ukraine Project, told the participants about UCC involvement and plans for 2006

  • EXCHANGES - OUR LINKS WITH UKRAINE Canada World Youth introduced some programs that they offered and explained the benefits of participating in an exchange program. Different lengths of exchanges exist and you can request a particular continent. It was interesting to learn that not very many people request European countries: therefore, lots of opportunities exist to do an exchange program in Ukraine. Tamara Tatuch gave information regarding the growth of the tourism industry within Ukraine. This has been progress for Ukraine, as typically it has not been seen as a vacation destination. People generally only traveled there to visit family. Now more people are seeking out Ukraine as a tourist destination.

  • GETTING THE BUCKS- SHOW ME THE MONEY Romana Poritska presented information regarding financial planning- the different aspects and priorities. Her advice was very practical, "Start now and know where you are going. Stick to your plan." Andrij Hladyshevsky gave a very emotional presentation that touched our hearts. He spoke of the Ukrainian Canadian Foundation of Taras Shevchenko. Listening to the anecdotes and experiences of the organization, our conference ended very positive, full of encouragement and with a strong sense in pride for our Ukrainian Culture and Heritage

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